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Education As A Solution To Grow World's Economy

By Ajado Joseph Babatunde(Eminent thinker of our time)

Education has no specific definition but largely dependent on the writer's view. An adaption to the immediate response to the environment. Thus,you define them based on what is obtainable else where. A light that shines in the darkness perceived. The necessary tools for the betterment of the society at large. The main reason to believe in all round development for excellence and recognition. A platform to educate the timid minds to grow optimally to the expectation we are seeking individually. Why we continually seek advancement in science and technology?

Therefore, education is a standard for national growth and development. The following fact needed to actualize the aims and objectives of education,so as to tackle the challenges upfront.

(1)Education is a platform to access the resources closer for an immediate response to the changes in the environment.

(2)Education is the bedrock of national growth and development. The basis for an ideal society.

(3)Education is building man to be conscious of the need of the society. For the proper orientation and greater good.

(4)Education is a gift life and nature

(5)Education is the proper restructuring of the system of government to cater for each and everyone right slated in the constitution.

(6)Education is the dynamism that open up where one can do better.

(7)Education is a necessity to actualize the hope and aspiration of the majority.

(8)Education is a mechanism that operate on the system of adoption,orientation and greater good.

(9)Education is the assurance any man has to get used to newness of purpose and life.

(10)Education is the original mindset to get into the system that drives the economy.

(12)Education is the system you needed to put into perspective what can lead to stability in the price of goods and services.

(13)Education is the the hallmark of greatness in which we are all made to share.

(14)Education is creating a name to stand for something amongst other things.

(15)Education is the wholeness of power and authority. Thus, greatness is inevitable.

(16)Education as a tools for proper organization of the role performs in the society.

(17)Education is a situation man realise what contributed to proper good life. Hence there is no limit to what we can offer.

(18)Education is the beginning and end of an achievable result situated in the plan of actions.

(19)Education is the mainstay to reawakening the lost glory in the line of good changes and expectation.

(20)Education is the reason why we continually seek for change.

Note:I got this insight from God almighty. One who has been helping me to see things beyond the ordinary. I praise Him for this continually. This is what education must entail so as to adjust to an international standards.

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