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How To Grow In Your Marriage

By Ajado Joseph Babatunde(Eminent thinker of our time)
Marriage as an institution is a continuous learning process. There is no time you won't learn as you journey to enjoy and not endure in the marriage. Loving affairs is the key because that was the reason that brought you together as one family. This articles addresses the main thing you should be doing in your marriage to make it work.

(1)Get to work together: Marriage is not totally enjoyable if there is no support from each other. Even before now,you have accepted to work together as husband and wife in every situation. No one is completely a dictator without an input of the other. Marriage that work must always seek the opinion of the other partner before deciding on what to do. Though you have an head in the family who is the bread winner cannot think he is the Alpha and Omega without consulting her. At times what he think might not be the solution they needed at the moment. Get to realise you have one the better for it.

(2)Understand your differences: No doubt you are from different family background before working down the aisle. To every action there is a consequence. There is a reason you were connected in love but marriage is not an advocate of justifying your family background at the expense of other. At times your past experiences might be real about life but you as a person ought to shift your ground and let common agreed conclusion stay without necessarily fighting over nothing.

(3)Respect without bias:Respect is one of the most important factors to be considered in marriage. It's so powerful that it can melt a very strong heart gradually. Both couples should respect each other on a daily basis and understand their role in the family. It is not a woman thing to continually be doing this but likewise the man. This has made many couples to feel loved and understand the joy of marriage and there by encouraging others to love the institution because of peace,progress and comfort.

(4)Love truly: Marriage is built on love,trust and hope. The main thing you will enjoy in marriage is love. The basis of the couples coming together as one. The missing gap we didn't get right in our world today. Love is not a feeling but a commitment to someone all your life even with their weaknesses. This is a note of warning to all those carried away by beauty and not easily realizing their imperfection. You will be doing this even if you there is a little disagreement in the house.

(5)Pray and fast together:Before now some people think marriage is easy because of the funfare,wedding gown,suit they put on and not necessarily considering the hard work. Marriage is a blessing in itself if you follow the set rules and standard. No one is an island of the possibility to marriage. You share your experience based on what you see,feel,perceived and understand. What has been sustaining a lot of homes is the faith in God and couple with other things they are required to do. Expect the best in marriage and go for it. It's well with you.

Note: Marriage is honourable in all even if you are subjected to a learning process. It's joy of marriage to see God blessing, keeping and loving them in every other way. We are encouraging couples to have faith in the system they are building. Again, this is an inspiration from God and I will continue to appreciate him the more for this wonderful gifts.

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