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Letter To The Nigeria Government (Election Of Total Comfort And Peace)

By Ajado Joseph Babatunde(Eminent thinker of our time)

Bring back the fullest of ideas
To people who are gathering initiatives to grow
Bring back the love for the country
We do not want social vices to stand strong

On coming together we rose higher
Call on the God of the Universe to guide and guard our ways
Oh!Temper mercy with justice to the offender
This is our country, constitution must stand and be corrected

Obey the clarion call,the time is right
Provide for our children, they must not lack anymore
No hawking let them be schooled
Our democracy,our pride to the world seeking us daily

No man is to be called a miscreant
Vote for the man your heart desires
Our leaders with unquestionable character must be the ruler
Do not vote because of the stipend they will give to you

Free your minds from evil,goodness is still possible
Do not be panicked old is long forgotten, modern is the main thing
Considering the reason why we live
My wonderful electorate, this is the power you have got, vote wisely

Note:I urge you all to carefully vote the person who can rule us and give us the best. This is the most important decision we have to make for the growth and development of our dear country, Nigeria. The one who gave me the privilege to write this article.All hail the King of Glory.The  reason I live,pray and believe in his powerful direction. The one who has been with me ever since.
I appreciate God for everything possible within me,the glory in Christ Jesus.Amen

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