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Nigeria On The Verge Of Global Recognition

By Ajado Joseph Babatunde(Eminent thinker of our time)
Nigeria is a sovereign state and its standing was given under the colonial master. They organized, constructed and develop the Nation state we are seeing now. By the time it was in the process of finished product,some people among them wanted  power, fame and authority. This led to conflict of interest and lives and properties were destroyed because they didn't understand each others views. In all of these challenges we managed to control the affairs of the country going by the capability of those around us.

Instead of the majority to come together and fight a just cause. We were busy putting religious sentiment,tribalism,envy,hatred etc. Not for once look into the future who is ready to see us through. Perhaps any individual who has a good antecedence must take the mantle of leadership. There is no nation of the world who is totally free from corruption,government sabotage and vandalism. But what they adopted was a very strict system that makes things difficult even for the corrupt leaders to go scot free. I am of the opinion this system should be enacted into law across all levels of government. By so doing every workers would be dependent on their salaries and not the system that is porous which allows anything goes. By so doing we are weeding corruption in its entirety from the system.

Again, there must be the desire to serve your country at any capacity with a very good pay check. Your level of commitment must go hand in hand with your income. If it was established, they will be minimal hunger for power and authority. This has created enmity among workers and politician who collects more than they needed at the expense of the country drain of resources. Whereas the bulk of resources are carried out by them. Their own is just to make polices and which everybody must follow them. Let them receive normal salaries as expected of a government worker.

The constitution caters for greater representation, welfarism and true dividend of democracy. At this perilous times man has come to realise the needed methodological approaches to cater for the right of the citizenry as stipulated in the written constitution. Let me highlight analytically what we are to benefits from the country of our own

(1Let's revisit the constitution. It is causing more harm than good. It was develop before independence and thereby cater for the yearnings of the followers. But right now,things has changed and there is a new approach to solve what the people need if we can come together and achieve them.

(2)Let's each workers collect salaries good enough to cater for their needs. Not a token which cannot solve their most pressing needs.

(3)There must be stability in the price of goods and services all round the year. This is achievable because it will minimize unnecessary spending of little resources that we have.

(4)There must be government readiness to start investing in locally made goods and services of international standard, design and specification. This will help to boost the economy and create an environment for industrial growth and development.

(5)There must be a good plans to support small and medium scale enterprises. For the start up to realise where they can start growing their businesses. Thus,the beginning of entrepreneurship for all round growth and development.

(6)Government must open up hidden areas where businesses can thrive and attract foreign investors to partner with them and increase the chances of employment opportunities.

(7)Government must ensure constant power supply to improve businesses which ordinarily needs power to survive.

(8)Government must put up a mechanism where all men are not liable to steal with impunity.

(9)Government must cater for the citizenry of their right and interest

(10)Government must strive to end violence, rape,killing and evil in all its form from surviving.

Note:We can expect great changes in this country,Nigeria. Though many have registered their names in the sand of time while other have soiled their names on the alter of restructuring which may not be visible at the moment. We are not forgetful about our heroes past,long anticipation for the future and how to build the system for a long lasting.

Again, this is an inspiration from God and I will forever be appreciative for. He has done it with his love,mercy and favour.

I believe we all ready to contribute,alleviate and properly delivered based on the mandate given. We arise,hope is fresh and living is a good start to spread our tentacles to the nook and crannies.

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Thank you all for the reading pleasure!

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