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The Voice Of The Enemy You Have To Conquer From Within

By Ajado Joseph Babatunde( Eminent thinker of our time)

I have seen it affecting lives and destinies across human endeayours. Life experiences on the increase. The situation you find yourself. Where it's hitting you. No new story yet. How it all started from? What do you want to do?If it's going to happen again. The shortest path the way out. I will be highlighting various ways enemy that. can operate in your lives.

(1)Past experiences: It's definitely going to happen if you keep thinking about the happening in the past. How it all started,where you have missed it. The instances you could remember. Things of that nature. The fight to a finish in which you can do about them.

(2)The discouraging spirit: This spirit keeps coming to you, slow and steady. But gradually hunting you down. Where you are not getting it right. The real deal. Fighting your existence. Giving you a confused thought which way am I taken to get out of this mess.

(3)False belief:The moment you realise the believe it offers you fall for it soon. It awaken your body and soul. Up to the time you feel your not getting it right where it has taken a lot more from you. It gives you the hope of no tomorrow. It hope to prepare you to faint realization of your potential. It changes you compare to when you started. It makes you feel the impact of no solution. It reduces the energy from within.

(4)Mind unstable: It's better not to give them the thoughts they are coming for you. Make it stable otherwise you will be controlled by what they are offering. Not real,not good and not encouraging. They see you as an object of distraction if you have prepared for them to meet you. They are very seriously planning to put you down if you know what they are up to.

(5)Quiet talk:As quiet as you think you are they virtually know you and it won't be so difficult to get you down. That's the plan they have for you. The wait they will stay to achieve them. They know you and what you keep talking about.

(6)Negative people: Realise that you cannot expect less from this people. The job they have chosen to do. The circumstances surrounding your life. The multitude they are known for. The attack they are planing for you. The seriously caging you to shame and discomfort. The mighty man want to see them falling.

(7)Operational level:The look on your face. The achievable they have done. What distance they are targeting. For this time or on to the next one. The level at which they are aiming to destroy. The people expectation got them shaking and lamenting for you. The way you are getting to appreciate them. The real you coming to get you out purpose and ambition.

(8)Targeting forces: There is no surprise how it all started from. The sooner you want to get destroy. The perspective they want to weaken your means of survival. What they are expecting is no good story. Just to remain where you are.

(9)Revealing your thought:It a constant feeling when you have chosen which of them to be revealed. Be careful the way you are thinking about them or else it will become part of your life. There is another you, there is another thought. That keeps you for confessing the bad thing. Instead of the good

(10)Weak desire:This can turn to a clueless person. Make you think empty. Put a stop to your burning desire. Scatter your beautiful goals and objectives. Remove that ability to improve on a daily basis. Where you are not reckon with as time goes.

Note:It's an inspiration from God. I cannot do without him for this unfailing direction and purpose. I did the highlight to enable you notice those attributes of the enemy in your life and finds a way out of those looming challenges.

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It's the love that radiates to all given to you.

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