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This Year My New Blessing Is Guaranteed

My new year has just begun
High in love and peace
Hope renewed and alive in the spirit
Joy unspeakable and unlimited in faith
Grace exercise and greatness happening

My work is efficiently increasing
Blessing is assured for me
Family rejoicing and progress is intensifying
Happiness in the spirit and tomorrow is my strength

Building lives and nurturing destiny
Helping nations and life growth
Healing you in all ways and back to life
Giving you power to excel beyond your limit

Making ways where it seems difficult
Enemies dying off and releasing you into power
Mighty man never cried for help
Placing you in the right position to exercise power and authority

Beautifying you into a new glory
Satisfying your need in just in time
Blessed and blessing you are surrounded with
Forever you are flourishing with a touch of his anointing

Note: I got this inspiration from God to begin this year in a positive way.I discover this when he has me to encourage you further on the purpose of this year's blessing and everything you have in it for them. For a further comments, opinion and suggestion to

It's joyous moment we have you for all time coming.

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