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Tips On Your Relationship That Needed To Grow Up

By Ajado Joseph Babatunde(Eminent thinker of our time)

Relationship is an integral part of the society. It cut across human endeavours. The purpose of establishing them is to connect upfront and let us realise the way forward. We can't live in isolation. We need each other to grow optimally. The major highlight in your relationship as it affect you and gradually the changes is visible.

(1)He shows concern. Relationship that must work has to involve concern for it to last. If you have to enjoy your relationship there must be concerned in every little way. It's not created for one but for the two players in the relationship. This is one of the reason why they have chosen to be together. You have to be ready and exercise patience for the love to grow the more.

(2)Appreciate you as one:Relationship is on a good note if both partners can understand why they are together. They are to discover their meeting point and promote their union the more. On both partners there must be appreciation because they contributed to grow the relationship. This is not a situation where one is overly dependent on the other while there is no appreciation as to what he has given. Infact there must be appreciation to attest to the fact that you are in a loving relationship. No gift is too small to appreciate when you are not the sole giver. Appreciate it and you will enjoy the possibility of the growing relationship.

(3)No lord and master:You are not in a relationship to prove you know better than the other. You are in a relationship to correct,organize, improve and learn continuously what makes relationship works better. Again there must be capacity for the renew mind to operate fully. No two way to this. You must be willing to accept what comes with it. It is a good behaviour to see each other as a partner in progress and not a rival who want businesses to grow.

(4)Sacrifice: As the words is so also it has a lot of things embedded in it while there must be adequate mutual understanding to get more than you deserved. This is one of the great deal in a relationship. You have to understand what you are doing presently. Again it is a time you know what you are, how you feel and what you get as you continually grow in your relationship. Sometimes it could be termed the prove of love where you surrender to all things for good loving to stay.

(5)Maturity:Maturity is a situation you consider the most agreed discussion to stay at the expense of what you feels, thinks and understand. It's a time you are ready to overlook certain things for the benefits of the union. Maturity has more to offer in a relationship that is at the edge of collapsing. Where they failed to understand what could be the way out instead of coming to understand their differences. Everything in you must be matured to accept the real work you are going to be doing in your relationship.

Note: This is an inspiration from God. I bless the Lord for his wisdom and direction on what to do on a daily basis. Most especially the gifts of writing skills. I believe these various steps are efficient in any relationship you find yourself.

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This is to enable you believe what could be the way out of your relationship. If these steps are one of those things serving as a stumbling block for full time enjoyment and love.

I care and love you dearly!

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