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Be The Peacemaker And Let Love Reign In The World

Peace is not the absence of war but to let your agreed conclusion stay amidst other things. Peace is very needed at this time because love is missing. This is one of those reason we are alive to preach peace and love to all parts of the world.

(1)Let peace reigns:The world is missing a lot. You are in the world for something new. You are to teach people life amidst various challenges in the world that peace exist. The world is changing everyday,we have to catch up with those trend so as to maintain the peace.

(2)Embrace love completely: Love is very essential in our world today. The reason why most of us are living this life is purely based on love for marriage, love for job, love for the church, love for the family,love for your existence. Love cut across virtually everything we do. It is at this time we can nurture lives and bring people closer to what binds them as one family.

(3)Understand the differences and be united:We are not born of the same family. Our ideologies differs. The reason why we live differs too.Upon this imminent factors. We have to agree on what is available to save us from issues which could possibly separate us altogether. It was not a mistake we came to share in the discussion that finally reaches a conclusive ending.

(4)Constant discussion: Discussion is key to get a good ending. Life is in phases,new issues are developing. Only we can discuss to ascertain the fact that peace is very important as an individual or nation. Issues we are seeing as high can totally be solved out. We need this in life. There should be peace everywhere to let people follow their dream and aspiration.

(5)Let us come together as one:We are not totally complete in itself without the help of others. No man is sufficient if not that he received from others or God. You are who you are as a result of others standing by you. In fact, we have to discover various ways we can function as a single entities. We need each other to climb the ladder of greatness. Embrace oneness, the world heal itself from the evil we see everyday.

Note:God of the Universe, the makers of everything there in. We want your touch of peace to rule with us at this present time. Allow this to happen completely. Thank you for this as always for the write up I received from you.

Peace and love are needed to solve some issues in world. This various steps highlighted cares for what we have to do to get it right.

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By Ajado Joseph Babatunde( Eminent thinker of our time)

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