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Death The Killer Of Destiny But I Will Be Relevant By The Grace Of God

Death staring at me in the faces
I distance myself from the death approaching me
Want to decay me to the ground
Finding way to seize my life

From my manifestation of glory
So as to amount to nothing
Surely they come bit by bit
All angles the situation is at the tight corners

I will be free if I can pray to God
This is not the time to leave everything
To those who didn't struggle to achieve anything
Only to expect the best if they didn't show up

You have to find strength in what you believe in
The stronger they come,the less you see them
To surrender you are gone totally
Death is real you have to be careful
Life is for once, death terminate the end of life
Oh death!may we achieve greatly before the final rest

Note:It was God himself that gave me this from the heavenly throne. To caution people the seriousness they need prayers and fasting to register their impact in the heart of many. Without which no man can survive. I pray to continue seeing more better,clearly and greatly. Thank you God for this all time coming.

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Thank you all for the reading pleasure!

By Ajado Joseph Babatunde(Eminent thinker of our time)

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