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Enemies ( Negative minds) Are Everywhere You Need To Pray

Prayers and fasting are essential tools all believers of Christ seek daily. It is a weapon against enemies and evil gathering. It's pitiable that many people are living without an impact due to the evil covering their great destiny. It's not over until it is over, you can return to God for his direction and purpose for your lives. The highlighted point are listed to gain access to what he has destined you to be.

(1)Pray to overcome hatred and deadly intentions.

(2)Pray to overcome chaos and tribulations.

(3)Pray to overcome backbiting and enviness.

(4)Pray to overcome planned work and false allegations.

(5)Pray to be accepted by all people around you.

(6)Pray to use your own glory sufficiently.

(7)Pray against evil to be useless upon your lives.

(8)Pray against deadly attack and untimely death.

(9)Pray to found favour, mercy and blessing from your creator.

(10)Pray to live a glorious life.

(11)Pray against bad intentions of men around you.

(12)Pray to enjoy the grace of God continuously upon your lives.

(13)Pray to stand tall in everything you do.

(14)Pray to be a blessing to others.

(15)Pray to meet destiny helper and accomplisher.

(16)Pray to be free from servitude in all its form.

(17)Pray that all things are walking together for your sake.

(18)Pray to live longer and better.

(19)Pray to eat the fruits of your labour.

(20)Pray against satanic gathering and evil plans.

(21)Pray to be a global icon and forever champions.

(22)Pray for strong faith,hope and charity

(23)Pray for God's peace and love reigning throughout the world.

Note:You should be aware of the world. The killing, evil plans and rituals bedevilling the society. This is where prayers and fasting comes into play to stand victoriously in everything you do. From God who gives all wisdom to men liberating the world in a way it should be. You are a partaker of His glory.

Thank you God as usual. May your name be praised both now and forever more.Amen

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By Ajado Joseph Babatunde(Eminent thinker of our time)

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