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Five Things Why Women Stare At You( Men only)

Sometimes you cannot understand why women stare at you. Perhaps for this reason you thought could have been wrong except you notice their action at a close range. With time you will realise these basics steps by gathering facts about the main reason they stare at you. The following points I have considered below.

(1)Amaze by your good look:Women are naturally carried away by your good looks. This thought of beauty inside out. How can this be so pleasing to the eye. What makes him so special after all. Can he be nice and tenderly?Perhaps sensitive to some pressing needs. Assume a role or responsibility. These are many more they are still thinking to get an answer from you.

(2)They like you:They will naturally do so because they are emotional being. They want the love to start happening. Targeting at something they want to get easily. What you do not think happening will start manifesting in your very eyes because of what they are seeing in you.

(3)Why you don't want to relate with them:They know how you do your things. They know you are avoiding them. They know you are in your own world entirely. They know you are very quiet. All these attribute are given attention to by them. Which you may not see it coming though. The stare will be much if that's the life you have chosen.

(4)They want to know more about you. This is main reason they are staring at you. They want to get to a point they can always talk to you without issues or challenges. They want to know why you are keeping the distance. They want to know that you are not proud. But you have had a similar experiences that you are taken some precautions.

(5)They are seeing the greatness in you:
Women know the possibility of you becoming more relevant in the society. They know why they want to relate with you. They know the benefit attach to getting  close. It has occurred to them even before you start seeing them. That's the power they have in noticing greatness in you. This is what they want to properly align to.

(6)They are jealousy about you: No doubt they will do that because of the greatness they are convinced about. Instead of them to learn from you and be better equipped for their destiny. They won't until they are mocked or disgraced. One with God is the majority. No jealousy start on the path of greatness and it shall be well with you.

Note: I give thanks to God because his mercy is good and endures forever. The one who has been helping to see everyday even to the point of how life is and what should be done. I pray not to offend you one day. Particularly this article from him alone. What is the lesson you can learn as it affect us individually. To God be the glory.

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By Ajado Joseph Babatunde (Eminent thinker of our time)

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