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God's Wonders On The Face Of The Earth

The atmosphere is cool and calm
Trees dancing and breeze blowing all around
Fiercely rainfall,the environment is in disarray
Sun shining,plant is favoured and clothes are drying up
A sleeping man and waking up is a timing factor

Drug usefulness and the body is functioning properly
Body is at rest and all other parts is thankful
Breeze blowing every objects is lifted higher
Street is cleaner man is in control of the environment

Rain dropping and environment is cool and clear
Plant drying up man is watering to grow
Man chasing a wild animal killing is made possible
Human being disturbing the peace of the environment

Burning anything the ozone layers is affected
Leaves are surviving, water and soil are promoting its activities
Environment is scary,people are afraid to explore
The reason you are surviving in your immediate environment

Note: God giving lives to all things. So they are helping nature to grow. In the world we are seeing face to face. Thank you God for this in a special way. You are too much. Your name is lifted higher.

It is a special blessing bestowed on me everyday. I love the way you are given me direction. I pray it's permanent. This is an articles to appreciate God's wonder on the face of the earth.

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Thank you for the reading pleasure!

By Ajado Joseph Babatunde(Eminent thinker of out time)

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