Letter To The Most Beautiful Ones Already Born

Letter To The Most Beautiful Ones Already Born

Yes bring all the beautiful girls everywhere
In all shades of colour and different sizes
My money is enough to spend on them
Wait this particular one got me elevated

Let me kiss your tender lips
The faces designed so lovingly
Fear catching me God has designed something appeal
You got the magic and power

I cannot sleep and close my eyes from you
With your love I am living for you
I desire you always
Free the tension let me love you the way I wanted

Truly I felt the love you have committed
You are given me the love I deserved
Your love is blessing me
See how the love is breaking you so easily

Feel the love in the action it brings
Stay with me let the love be higher as heaven's glory
Let us ride on to build our mansion in the place of authority and power
Let me tickle your fancy to melt your heart
In all matter of sincerity teach me where love never ends

Note:There is love,there is beauty, there is people,there is life. We are connected to this in one way or the other. Get to understand them properly and live your life with a touch of glory and natural endowment. God over everything. The beginning and the end. The true essence of life. The glory himself giving to others in a special appreciation and lovingly. The best I have ever experienced through the grace of God. I pray to enjoy this to the end. Thank you Lord,thank you Lord,thank you Lord and thank you Lord.It can only be God for this inspirational write up.

Thanks for the reading pleasure!

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By Ajado Joseph Babatunde (Eminent thinker of our time)

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