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Living Beyond Youthful Exuberance

Youths are the most important asset any nation can desire and appreciated. Ordinarily,that stage is the most delicate because they tend to exhibit youthful exuberance. The nonchalant attitudes, free will and strong desire to achieve something. Though that was not the role they were to be playing but most people have already missed the path of elevation and progress. I have envisioned a proper youth for international recognition and asset by justifying the claims aforementioned below.

(1)The stage you start manifesting your inbuilt ingenuity.

(2)The stage you realise the attainment of maturity to life issues.

(3)The stage you discover the mark of responsibility and good character.

(4)The stage you discover who is actually controlling your lives.

(5)The stage you discover uncommon,grace,mercy and favour.

(6)The stage you assume leadership role and responsibility.

(7)The stage you continue to build your capacity for greatness.

(8)The stage you quickly adjust to the changes in the society with a view to proffer solution to them.

(9)The stage you see yourself performing better than you already know.

(10)The stage you see yourself moving alongside purpose and direction.

(11)The stage you see yourself celebrating yourself thus far.

(12)The stage you see yourself advancing the successes of others.

(13)The stage you develop more than people need  or desire.

(14)The stage you see beyond imagination and concentrate your energy on reality.

(15)The stage you move to the position of recognition and excellence.

(16)The stage you continually seeing positivity amidst negativity and discouragement.

(17)The stage you strategies on power and authority.

(18)The stage you equip yourself to meet demanding goals and aspirations.

(19)The stage you stay true to your elevation and uprightness.

(20)The stage you assure yourself of more breaking ground records.

Note: All in all,the one who has been assuring me of purpose and direction. The one who cares,love and favour me. The one who has been my major source of inspiration. I pray not to see and access you. The blessing I received through the grace of God.Thank you Lord,thank you Lord,thank you Lord and thank you Lord.

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By Ajado Joseph Babatunde(Eminent thinker of our time)

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