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My Love For Valentine

Beauty gazing at me in pieces
From head to toe you are shinning bright
Touch to adore,care and impress
Smile to scare my sorrow away

Her talk enough centering my bone marrow
Finding way to be at peace with me
Be with me the joy I ever had
Don't be angry your antidote is lovingly

I admire you the job I can do everyday
Your blessing is a point to get more
Let's celebrate you the life of a party
The body structure eyes cannot ignore

Be my queen,you are precious like an egg
Don't leave me I cannot find peace at the centre
Take care of me and my child,you are worthy of my time
Your joy is fresh in my memory,let me cage you like a lion

I stand with you,your attitudes cannot but be loved
The way you handle me is giving goosebumps
Let's grow old together as if we are just starting
No wonder the way you walk is touching people from their hearts

Note:I thank God for everything possible you have done for me and still coming. Your greatness cannot be overemphasized. The grace of God behind every success, the power too much to ignore. The only thing I can relate with at the moment. The beauty of God to all mankind. This article analyse various actions between a man and woman in a search for a Valentine of their lives. I hope you will get drunk in the true Valentine as it affect us individually.

Thanks for your reading pleasure!

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By Ajado Joseph Babatunde(Eminent thinker of our time)

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