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Parenting The Fantastic Role They Played In Child Development

By Ajado Joseph Babatunde(Eminent thinker of our time)

Parenting is one of the hardest job you can ever handle. It is a job that requires a lot of commitment on both partners because of the oath of marriage. Parent who want to eat the fruits of their labour should be ready to take all these steps before the blessing will be possible.

(1)Correct in love:Nuclear family of father,mother and children is expected to show some love amongst their children. In a way they feel the presence of the family. Though human being are not perfect,some children might be stubborn and difficult to handle. This should not be the factor to neglect them. You should even move closer to them and let them realise you care about them. But that your action was punishable, you are still part of the family. We do love you as every members of the family.

(2)Pray for your children: Parent is expected to pray fervently for their kids because of the investment upon them. Sometimes people may not want you to succeed as a parent. That's why you should not see anything and everything as a mere occurrences but it's has spiritual undertone. There was a reason why God gave you that kids. As a good parents you have to be ready to assist in praying for them. And always remind them that prayer is the key. And that life is not the way they think it is. But with prayers and hardwork you shall overcome.

(3)Be at peace with them:You are their biological parents from heaven. Sometimes they might err,your duty is to correct them in love and be at peace with them. You should always try and be at peace with them because they might not seen life the way you are seeing them. Perhaps can adversely discourage the institution of marriage. In which they are yet to enter and accept. Be free,open minded and always be at peace with them no matter the challenges of life.

(4)Be a good role model: Parents should abstain from showing easily their bad mistakes to them. If they do, they will see it as a good practice rather than emulating those good ones they are yet to use. The good ones should be clearly visible to see as a plus to them from their parent. And let them learn life and education from the house before getting to learn additional knowledge else where.

(5)Provide for their needs.:Parent should strive and always provide for their needs because they are sent to them by God. They should see them as an opportunity to nurture lives. A good child who is well trained and giving proper education will be a blessing to them and others. The joy you have when they are highly responsible and resourceful.

Note:God is to be praised at all times for this happening in our midst. Most especially this write up needed at the present day of life. People should not be tired of getting married but hope and trust in God for a perfection. There is an opportunity to think of positivity in the marriage as an institutions.

I thank God for his faithfulness in my life and all other things he has been doing for me. He gave me an insight from his benevolence to write this article to learn from. God has done this and so I am glad in it.

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Thank you for the reading pleasure!

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