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Plan Your Life And Destiny

This is happening in our very eyes. The killing everywhere death has come. Love is not real except materialism. Job is not satisfying extra effort is needed. Upon all this we are after pulling ourselves down,not actually taken time to plan for the future.

Let me say this to you,if you do not plan your lives very well. Perhaps I do not know what will happen to you because he who fail to plan,plan to fail. This is not the time of enviness, those ahead of you started like you do before God show them the way. What you can do is to tap from their God's wisdom and apply such to your lives. Remember those who are with God are the majority. You do not envy others you learn from them and be better equipped for your own destiny.

Sometimes people never think they could be anything. Start today and it will all be a smile because the hardest is the starting point. Before you realise you are made for life.

Therefore,never relent on the possibility of seeing the brighter future ahead of you. No doubt challenges are bound to happen this should not be the only reason to believe it is not possible.

Keep praying and working until your joy is full. There is light at the end of the tunnel. No small glory except if you do not have faith in yourself. Believe in everything you do. There  is more about your lives. No challenges,no story to tell. There is time to be celebrated in what you believe in. If people know who they are,they won't be envious of anybody because we are running different races. So if it is going to happen,it is up to you.

Note:The grace of God I enjoy always. The instances of greatness I tap from. The only hope I got to live. Why everything about my life came from him. This is beyond me,thank you God for the blessing everyday. Learn from this article that planning is real and you have to believe in God and yourself and it shall be well with you.

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By Ajado Joseph Babatunde(Eminent thinker of our time)

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