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The Best For My Parent I Will Live To Love More And Care For Them

I emulate the Joy of parenthood
Giving birth to a wonderful child like you
Obeying every instruction emanated from love and care
To support, understand and live
Prepare for you and your all

Stubbornness you exhibited that cane can correct
Calm after committing error
Angry because of continuous correction
From them I learnt the lesson of life
Getting the success they laboured for

My parent,my all and everything about you is lovingly
I pray they should not die before their time
Enjoyment I package to be tired of
Help me praise them everyday
They worth it for all time coming

I pamper them my money is working well
May they continuing enjoying till pain and tribulation free them
I will grow to be the best for my children
This attribute is felt, loved,motivated and celebrated
To all the great parent I salute you for the best you have done for us.

Note:All power belong to Jesus and all wisdom belong to him too. He gives to people to impact into the lives of others. You are worthy of my praise and thanksgiving. I am encouraged you are everywhere and listen to people's desire and aspiration in life. May your name be praised and celebrated.

Thank you Lord for the blessing of today and always. It can only be you for this. It is a miracle that I am alive writing this to appreciate our parent for the good deeds they have done for us. And to bless them if you are blessed by God.

Again,thank you Lord and thank you Lord. Peace and mercy belong to his only name. The grace of God I received for doing this all the time.

Thanks for the reading pleasure!

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By Ajado Joseph Babatunde (Eminent thinker of our time)

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