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The Expectation Of The Future I Look Forward To See

Oh!I waited on God surest hope
Too expectant the blessing I can see
Yes there is a time of harvest
My wish I can relate with
This is my time of greatness and favour

In awe they see the joy in me
Shame is clearing away light has come
In hope and In expectations
What each one has to offer in life
To their surprises we spring forth in success

In multitudes we gather to rejoice
If the blessing I deserve could be more
High in the sky the star is shinning
The atmosphere we are seeing in the morning
The real men waited because of the joy we never had

My sorrow and pain fading away
Where it should not have occurred
We see,live,love and care for the better
What many had planned against us
Freeing us from the consequences that might have been

Ocean of poverty could not stare at us
Where all men could have been the major victims
Running around to find a solution
Such a life we are seeing everyday
And the blessing we want to maintain everyday

Note:Jesus lives on in the society. The rare privilege we have in Jesus Christ to blessing and care led to this article from him as always. I hope you understand what makes him head over all. Thank you God for this.

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Thank you all for your reading pleasure!

By Ajado Joseph Babatunde(Eminent thinker of our time)

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