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The Greatness Of People Around The World(Everybody Has Been Given One)

So naturally gifted and blessing in revelation
Men chasing a complete beauty
Closer than they imagined
In a moment they deserved

In a day two or more
Growing them to see you around
Your impact is finely structured
Touching me from inside of you

Feeling the essence of people
Too beautiful words cannot describe
The aura is saturated for more
Wait let enjoy the complete package

Offering us at the time we needed
The reason we are living the life
Heaven on high and earth below smiling at us
For people have seen the glory of your hand made

Let wait and appreciate what we have at hand
To the glory ever refreshing
Our success telling the stories updated
Emulating the best you are high in praise and thanksgiving
The world of impact and people justifying the nature

Note:Blessed be God forever who has given me this article to write. You alone our God. I will continually adore you in advance. I am appreciating God for His work of mercy,miracle and salvation. Thank God and I really do.

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Thank you for your usual cooperation

By Ajado Joseph Babatunde(Eminent thinker of our time)

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