The Joy Of Tomorrow I Will Be An Expectant

The Joy Of Tomorrow I Will Be An Expectant

I thought you would have replied earlier
To get a little words ongoing
For a short while or long conversation
Awww!You can be surprisingly good
Old memories seeing face to face

On a proper negotiations we couldn't connect
What a miss such a blessing could have been possible
My sincere apology to you
I know you must have been an expectant

It's our hope and aspiration to feel each other the more
This is the time,energy and love
Just the gift of life to see you once again
We are always in it together

The seriousness man must be committed
Let celebrate the joy we never had
To those who are always facing the challenges
We put in a great effort we can be an overcomer
Mercy,grace and favour see us through
Let's enjoy the moment,vibes and lovingness

Note:It's the blessing of God I see coming to me everyday. The originality and authenticity of his supernatural power. The last hope of a common man.The best of things to the world. What I want to enjoy all the time.Thank you Lord, thank you Lord,thank you Lord and thank you Lord.This article reminds everybody the joy of tomorrow I will be an expectant.That he has not forgotten you and what you should do is to stick to the author and finisher of our faith for glory you have in Christ Jesus.Amen.

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By Ajado Joseph Babatunde(Eminent thinker of our time)

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