The Life Of A Star Visible To The World

The Life Of A Star Visible To The World

Like a star everywhere
Like you are precious to lose
You are for sign and wonders
Alive and call for success

Shining as if it is your birthday
Happiness you are getting it right
Wake up you are better than the best
Haters cannot stop the success story

Clap for them this is a real talents
Whatever they touch turn to Gold
To be sincere with you they will continue like forever
Feel the goodness and enjoy the moment

The mighty man in the battle elevating the body, soul and spirit
Touching the heart of people and giving a standard
The reason for existence is achieved
They are everywhere because of fame and popularity

Learn from them and grow to become more
The blessing of God on this one already
Celebrating the power, beauty and glory
Stay true to God and your made a king forever

Note:I thank God for how great you are in my life and what he has been doing everyday. My special praise and thanksgiving for this continually. Nothing beat the first hand information of life and destiny from himself seating in the throne of mercy and favour. I thank God for being what you are to people. No wonder people don't stop celebrating you everyday, everywhere and anywhere. God on this that gave me another revelation on the life in a stardom. You have been wonderful and you will continue to be.

Finally, I pray to enjoy the grace of God to the end.
God is still ruling and taken charge of the earth.

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By Ajado Joseph Babatunde (Eminent thinker of our time)

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