The  Real Love That Still Exist In The World

The Real Love That Still Exist In The World

Look at you I see you far from me
The time past I remember you
The love you shown me already
Your funny way and smile

You alone I still enjoy the moment with
My love you are always there
I stay with you to get to know you more
Either in love or riches you are still there

May not get it all you know my effort
You know the way I feel for you
No matter what you are a blessing in disguise
My hope,love and care

I come to you let end the fight happening
I come in peace let love and care grow within us
Our children the glory of God to the world
Don't cry you worth the blessing coming your way

The world around is feeling you
The way and manner you displayed your maturity
I respected the love we had enjoyed
Thank God for how far we have gone in life.

Note:Nobody has been given anything except the grace of God. This grace of God works as though you have been given all things. Thank God for the revelation of this article to me. You alone are worthy of my praise and thanksgiving. Thank you Lord for this as usual. God of the universe you are wonderful, glorious and mighty.

Thanks for the reading pleasure!

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By Ajado Joseph Babatunde (Eminent thinker of our time)

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