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Time Is Short And Let Celebrate One Another

No doubt people are pulling one another down because of fame,popularity and wealth at the expense of coming together to tackle this challenges facing us at the moment. For instance to learn to love more and accommodate peace everywhere in the world. Your gifts is what makes you a great personality. Others have their own you can learn from them. Yes life is in diversity, each part is revealing and you have to really understood before you can move on.

This is the life we are sharing everyday. Be careful with what you say, sharks and crocodile are available to pull you down. Don't be discouraged they will get to know you more when you are making an impact.

Some people are like that they don't see any goodness in you except your mistakes. But they have forgotten the fact that it was not all your fault. They also share in the blame game gaining momentum. We cannot always think the same way,we have different people with different idiosyncrasies. That's what make life beautiful. Move on you still have a lot to achieve in life.

At this time celebrate one another when they are still alive. If not at all you have learnt some thing from them. Nobody is totally blank out. Even little they have element of greatness in them. No gifts is superior we are striving to be celebrated one day. In fact, if it is everyday. It is the reason you are living the life. So,appreciate anyone that got a talent or perhaps must have helped you in one way or the other. By so doing you learn different perspective  to life.

The world don't really show much interest in them. Now,I am challenging you to keep appreciating people who got that and you will be surprised that most of those evil acts will be reduced because they are accepted in the larger society.

Note:I thank God you are truly great. Those who don't serve him at all are missing everyday. Please serve the one who gave you life. He is wonderful, great and mighty.

This was God's wisdom to learn how to celebrate one another amidst different challenges we are grappling with. This is one of the reason our lives can be meaningful. God you have too much power to cope with. I thank you God and will always be. God of the universe I celebrate you today and always.

Thanks for the reading pleasure!

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By Ajado Joseph Babatunde (Eminent thinker of our time)

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