My Life Part 1

My Life Part 1

I got home so tired after a long day at work.I quickly took off my clothes to take on a new one.As I walk,I rested on a couch,ruminating the life of a man to survive all of a sudden I heard a heavy knock on the door.

I was a bit perturbed,could this be the truth I said against somebody,the thief waiting for a kill or the access to information on the financial activities of my office.

Until I was withdrawn from the dream to a reality.I adjusted myself to get hold of the keys to open the door was a broad smiles of a good friends of my mine who I had earlier asked to visit me.

Surprising, I let him in,in order to take his seat we greeted so warmly.I said don't be offended,I said this might have occurred due to the reality surrounding a man....To be continued later

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Note:It's an insight from God who led to this happening in reality. I must confess to you the power you are missing if you don't serve him continually. He has everything you ever ask of him.I can confess to you the blessing I have been enjoying up to this present moment. To you honour and glory belong to.I pray not to sin to access you everyday of my lives.Thank you Lord,thank you Lord and thank you Lord. You are wonderful, great and mighty.

By Ajado Joseph Babatunde(Eminent thinker of our time)

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