My Life Part 10

My Life Part 10

I have accessed their score on our computer database of the company. Behold they did not performed as expected but few others did well.What we will do is to mailed them for the job well done for the next interview.Sir, I want to ask you when are we fixing another time.

Just mailed them for the success accomplished. The company will decide on what time slated for the interview. He did as expected. They all got the mail some were happy about their performance while others were complaining about their preparation which was not successful.

However,at the point of the delivery.The joy in them could not be measured as they are looking forward for the day they will finally secured the job. Some gave thanks to God while others thoughts within themselves it was not for them as though they are on a look out for the next job. Which might be a luck to them if they can trust in God for the success ahead .Those passed continued intensifying their efforts to meet the requirement for the next one.To be continued later

Note: I thank God for his direction and purpose in my life. It is a gift from God almighty. I am not worthy for this gift but due to his grace and mercy. I have got one at his disposal.Thank you Lord and thank you Lord.

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By Ajado Joseph Babatunde (Eminent thinker of our time©Grace of God)

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