My Life Part 2

My Life Part 2

I gave him a seat. How is life and work. He said fine but looking at me closely. You didn't tell me yours. He kept silent. I  said I am a marketer in one of the biggest companies around Lagos. We market products and services and provides profit back to the company. You are really enjoying. I am not. This is just the grace of God at work but the pay is good for a starter.

I paused for a while have you got any kids and wife. This question can take a whole time to answer. I am still searching for the right one. I am not lucky to find the right one,it's either they admire my kindness or fail to see the future in coming together as one. Most times they are after the money I will give them. No true love except the money all for grab.

I told him you have not had it so good with women but you cannot call it quit at this stage. You keep hoping for the best to happen. This is interesting. Let me get you something you can eat. That will be nice. He rushed to get it for him. I have not forgotten your generosity. This is so nice of you. Yes we should keep doing what is right. Hopefully we will get a reward someday. To be continued later.

Note:You are a living testimony that you are alive and need to be trusted in everything we do. This is not the flesh that but the spirit of God available for everyone to use. I wait for more,I want to see more,I want to learn more and living for one all the time.The best of God for people.You are everywhere and continue to perform wonders.My God,my God and thank you for this everyday.

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By Ajado Joseph Babatunde ( Eminent thinker of our time)

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