My Life Part 3

My Life Part 3

On getting to the office I saw a phone ringing.Initially confused whichever one it will be. So I checked my pocket. And finds the phone that caught my attention. To my greatest surprise.I saw several of them.And checking through. I picked the one that got my most attention.Oh!my friends that came visiting me the previous times.

So I called him he said I just called to appreciate your kindheartedness,not to worry we can all be friends and nothing was actually really great.I did show you how best to take care of someone. It was a good words that came from you. I really appreciated your presence before now and the conversation we had on phone.The calls ended and finally reached the office.

I thought I would be penalized on getting to the office because there were rules and regulations peculiar to my place of work. I greeted all of them as usual and went straight up to the office. Usually I have been given a personal assistance. He greeted me and handed me over some documents to minute for further processing. To be continued later

Note: I am grateful for everything I see,notice,feel and learn from you. You alone our God. I cannot but appreciate your ever presence in my life. The only thing I finds Joy to be with. What manner of man is Jesus for his saving grace.I was privileged to write an article on this. But not worthy your grace,mercy and favour I received daily to get this.I am celebrating you today and always. It can only be from you. I pray for this revelation to grow bigger, larger and better.Thank you Lord.I appreciate your ever presence in my life.

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By Ajado Joseph Babatunde(Eminent thinker of our time)

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