My Life Part 4

My Life Part 4

I cross checked and notice some weak proposal for the project. I directed my personal assistance to visit the my most superior officer for a some weeks of adjustment on the proposed projects. He came and said they were so glad that I noticed some error on the documents. I flipped through when I got home after the whole day of stress at work. I could not even correctly open the door. I just found myself sleeping for some hours on the bed.

It dawn on me after three hours of sleeping when I finally woke up. As I was about to enter the sitting room. I noticed a knock on the door. I approached them and said they have been knocking the door ever since.But all to no avail. He stopped and reversed back until they saw somebody approaching the door.

Suddenly, I opened the door. They were surprised that I entered the house without locking the door which was unusual of me. They even thought it was a thief that broke into the house which was not so until I opened the door to confirm I am the one inside. To be continued later.

Note:It's God doing and indeed marvelous in my sight. Many that don't know him will think he cannot be glorified and praised forever. I received not of myself but directly to the heavens high. You are a strong pillar to stand with. All honour,glory and adoration belong to him. Thank you Lord,thank you Lord and thank you Lord.

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By Ajado Joseph Babatunde (Eminent thinker of our time)

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