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My Life Part 6

Hello mummy!How is daddy and my other sibling. Mummy replied they are fine. When are you getting married, that is already in the hand of God,but I am just taken my time to find the suitable ones. Make sure you are not older before you finally select the best choice. Before this weekend I should visit you and the entire family.

Mummy make sure you prepare the delicacies I love to eat. Hmmm!I know you love to eat that specially prepared food. I will do exactly as you said. One of his friends in the office called him to confirm his presence. Your call just entered as I was about to call you too.

I did not see you today,hope all is well. Yes it is,I  used to see you whenever you are around. I came in before you even noticed. I will talk to you after the closing of the day. I have some pressing need to do in my office. We shall see. Sorry to cut you short. I know you love to speak as much as you can but time will not permit. Don't worry we are still together and will always be. To be continued later.

Note:This is a testimony that God exist in the world which is evident in the write up. Nothing you have been given except the grace of God. Talk about everything you needed,God is ready to take you to the next level. He is the only one that is all in all. I am really thankful for everything that you have done,will do and still continue doing for me. You are worthy of my praise and thanksgiving.

Courtesy: Ajado Joseph Babatunde (Eminent thinker of our time)

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