My Life Part 8

My Life Part 8

I was glad to be informed about the recent development in the company to recruit some selected people based on their curriculum vitae. It came as a surprise but I have to do the needful to rescue the situation. In which I accepted to continue with the process. I was called to get into the details of those particpant who submitted their curriculum vitae with various position.

Sir,I am still cross checking those curriculum vitae to ascertain the fact they duly met the requirement for the jobs. I have an observation, let's consider them based on their various discipline in view of the interview readily available. Let's us mail them at different times for the interview.

Sir,how many test will they be subjected to ascertain their readiness to work in this company. Until we are satisfied with series of stages they have passed. We hope all those concerned have gotten what they needed to do.

All things have been set what is next is to call them for the interview. I have sent each participants the exact time for the interview. To be continued later

Note:If not for the fact that he cannot fail people so all men should hold on to him for a glorious destiny. It's wonderful things to have God working with you in everything you do. This is the reason for his power on the article that came from him. Thank you Lord

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By Ajado Joseph Babatunde(Eminent thinker of our time,©Grace of God).

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