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My Life Part 9

Today is the interview. All those I mailed were already around in their various suit. They looked as if they were attending a party. Good to see everybody who were lucky to be selected for the interview. About 2000 of them came for the interviews. We are only picking the best five out of all of them.

Each participants were placed on a seat based on the order in the company. It was a computer based test. You are given thirty minutes to answer all the question showing on the computer screen.

Furthermore there is a simple instruction on your computer screen indicating the number given when you entered the organization. This is needed to affirm you came for the examination and submit once you finished. After this stage all the participant stood up and were asked to stay at one sides closer to the centre of the examination.

This examination you just finished writing will not be biased. How well you have written determined your score. You can follow this path to the main gate. Thank you all for coming .To be continued later

Note: This is an inspiration from God and it has been the blessing I seek everyday.No matter what,my hope and trust in him still endures forever.To God be the glory for this as usual. Enjoy as you continue to read the article everyday.

Thanks for the reading pleasure!

You can mail me at babatundeajadojoseph@gmail.com

By Ajado Joseph Babatunde (Eminent thinker©Grace of God)

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