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The Life Of A Party Just In A Matter Of Time

Entertainment at its best and fully supported
Music taking its shape and liveliness
Life is fun and lively
Shaking that old long body to the dictates of the music

Dance as if you got the energy and vitality
Only for those who are feeling the music
Let be happy this is the true life
DJ give me the beat to relate with

No hating please dance away your sorrow
Your loving is cool and real
We are happy the music is taken a new dimension
Feeling in the body,mind,spirit and soul

I am enjoying the vibe I wish I can sing
So surprising it has a good content
Prepare to travel in a long revelation
Come on one and all,let enjoy the music

Note:The life of itself is the revelation of God in our lives who has created all things to himself for those who actually want to deliver. This is not my original thought but I received directly from him in all things. To God be the glory this article is ascribed to him always.

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By Ajado Joseph Babatunde (Eminent thinker of our time)

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