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It Is God That I see In Everything

I see God in the love of creation.

I see God giving hope to the hopeless.

I see God in creating living and non-living things again.

I see God giving wisdom to people of different personality.

I see God lifting people higher and higher.

I see God granting people their heart desire.

I see God fulfilling the promises made to people.

I see God resurrecting people back to life.

I see God delivering people from their infirmities and weaknesses.

I see God giving power to people in carrying out his work.

I see God giving direction to life and purpose.

I see God creating a new generation full of faith,hope,mercy and charity.

I see God providing for people in dire needs.

I see God touching lives and improving his own people.

I see God taken people to a place of authority and power.

I see God putting a stop to the work of devil.

I see God fulfilling his revelation made for our father of faith.

I see God saving people from perishing and dying.

I see God changing sinners back to holiness.

I see God giving people power and authority for signs and wonders.

I see God giving people greater power and wisdom to conquer all the works of the enemy or devil.

I see God blessing people to be free from poverty,pain and suffering.

I see God changing your story for the better.

I see God giving more lives to people.

I see God happier about the work of the creation.

I see God celebrating his own for being faithful.

Thanks for the reading pleasure!

Note:We are just simply enjoying the grace of God on a daily basis. Most especially as a seasoned writer who his revelation count me worthy. I know nothing but with him I found the reason why I depended solely on him.It's greater to know and serve him.Accept my forever praise and thanksgiving to him.Thank you Lord,thank you Lord

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By Ajado Joseph Babatunde (Eminent thinker of our time©Grace of God)

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