My Life Part 15

My Life Part 15

Seeing new faces in the organization putting on their best attire. The overall manager called all the members of staff of the organization to know the changes in discharging their duties and newly employee will work hand in hand for the smooth running of the organization.

Ensure you provide them with the necessary instructions they needed to be effective. Furthermore, there will be a committee set up to intensify the growth and development of this new staff. You are to ask question if what you are to do are not clear enough.

The meeting ended on a good note and they all left for their various office to start the activities lined up for the week. One department is seeing preparing to execute the mandate given to them by their boss. To be continued later.

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Note: It is in him I lived,moved and have my being. Glory to God in the highest for such a time to write this article. I so much appreciate him for all time coming. Thank you Lord,I really do.

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By Ajado Joseph Babatunde(Eminent thinker of our time©Grace of God).

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