My Life Part 16

My Life Part 16

It became as easy as possible because they are adjusting to each activities lined up for them in the company.Some of you will join your overall head of the department to learn how to address issues on the proposal for the new deal for the company. Don't forget that our major competitors are intensifying their effort to secure the deal before us.

That's why you have to work harder and submit your report to the appropriate quarters for verification. You are required to spend a week before the expiration. Don't forget to contact us if there is a need to get more helping hands.

There will be a short meeting to train those representing us in securing the deal.You are not lobbying this,your performance will determine if it will be given to you so braced up for the task and work unanimously for the success.I would suggest we send some spy to know how far they have gone and prepare for more if we have noticed their lapses. Do we all considered this point as necessary.To be continued later

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Note:Thank you Lord for this undeserved and just found favour in the presence of you Almighty. Where all men seek to relent,you just shown yourself that there is more to do. It can only be you God.I pray not to ever come short of this everyday of my life.My helper, my comforter, my blessing, my living soul, and my everything I ever wanted.

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By Ajado Joseph Babatunde(Eminent thinker of our time©Grace of God)

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