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The marriage of my dreams, kids and wife

Each time I see people's hoping to get married
I shook my head because of the challenges ahead
I knew marriage should be a moment of joy and anticipation
Where can can we find the missing link?

Each time I found love catching people alive
I clearly say to myself do they actually know what they are in for
I was lost in contemplation could not connect to a reality
I look at the sky have I truly understood what marriages is all about

I tremble with fear can I actually live with women
Though beautiful faces drawing my attention responsibly
I could not see the possibility of the future to come
Even if I decided not to cater for all things around me

I thought to myself of what use is marriage
If we cannot live in one accord amidst other things
This is deep we cannot cherish what we have
So sad love cannot strengthened them anymore

I pray to God to find the right one for me
I don't want to see you and cry
Not regret peace I desire to see
The marriage I would be proud of

Note:It is in him I found whatever I have been missing lately. My eyes of understanding have been enlightened. Thank you God for this. Too much you have I got to relate with. I appreciate you in every now and then.Thank you Lord.

Thanks for the reading pleasure!

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By Ajado Joseph Babatunde(Eminent thinker of our time©Grace of God)

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