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Appreciate Your Parents And Pray For Them

Many have longed given all hope and aspiration in the family they belong to. To the extent of not honouring their parent anymore. They see them as a failed parent where as they have a role to play in the progress of their families. You are not to apportion blame game to anybody. They have really tired in their capacity to give birth to you. Giving you the necessary assistance to survive. It is now left for you either to show appreciation or make them proud of you in your pursuit for greatness.

In addition you don't give any impression to regret having you as a child. But rather you support them and pray for things to change anytime soon. It has gradually becoming a tradition to disobey them because they have failed in their responsibility. Not in your capacity to judge them but only God knows where to pay them most. Just learn the good quality and continue doing so until you finally get it right.

Furthermore, you give room for an improvement faster by teaching your kids the best ways to life. After dropping all those bad qualities that won't be too good to let them notice. That's what you wanted to change before anything else

Soon or later you will be like them and what you did might be repeating itself if you didn't ask God to forgive you and show you mercy in whatever things you do. Care and love them because will you soon be like them.Appreciating the most loved parent in the world.

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Note:This has always been the best from God. The mighty man in battle. Only Him can be worthy of my praise. It's a rare privilege to write this article that was possible through him. I pray never to let you down in all my ways. It's the God that I saw,felt and appreciated. Thank you Lord.

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By Ajado Joseph Babatunde(Eminent thinker of our time©Grace of God)

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