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Don't Rest Until You Have Completed Your God Given Assignment

The spirit of God touched me from within not to give up on this write up because of the most important information needed to pass across today and to the next generation. You might be thinking why this write up at the particular moment. Right now most people have forgotten where they are going to,lost thought and clueless because they don't see the true picture where God has destined them to be.

Not to worry this should bother you because many great leaders around us were raised on the altar of sacrifice. Yours should not be an exemption. Try the possibility and move like an hero. Any man who want to have it made must be strategic and realise it is not over yet. More to life and more success. No two ways to it you have to start from somewhere. If you have been given a great grace to carry on. Act fast and use your full potentials. No excuses we are on a different races. Only those who know who they are can go very far.Take charge of your life and always remember that you have to complete your race before living this earthly surface.

I don't want a situation where God won't be happy with you because of so many opportunities he has bestowed on you. Show him that you won't waste this rare opportunity but to successfully use them. Sometimes you might be carried away by sin,distractions and temptation etc. That should even give you the strength to surrender to him in everything because you were used as an instrument in any capacity.

Don't allow your fleshy desire to cut your glory short. Trust and give him praise,honour and thanksgiving the more. He can do all what you ever thought possible. If it can be then it is up to you.

Thanks for the reading pleasure!

Note:I found special grace,mercy and favour to put up this article for the generality. I discover that a lot of people are not moved by the greatness of others so as to pursue their dreams to the very last end.To this effect I am a living testimony that God exist and he is a great God. I thank God for this gift of writing from him.To him and honour belong to.I celebrate you more and more to the world.

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By Ajado Joseph Babatunde (Eminent thinker of our time©Grace of God)

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