It Is You That I See All Around The Greatness

It Is You That I See All Around The Greatness

It's you I love and cherish
Such that you are all and everlasting
Such that you promote and care for humanity
Performing wonders across all human endeavour

You and your show of elegant and beauty
Always you and your direction
You are blessed and blessing others
Cry no more you worth the celebration

Forget haters you have the greatness and cannot be forgotten
Welcome to the highest place of authority and power
Too much you give can be appreciated
You are simply a light to the nation

Hailing you from left and right
Yet another you are more and new
People in their multitudes appreciated the gift you have
Don't be discouraged you are created for signs and wonders
Be you,be loved and be celebrated

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Note:If not for God I wouldn't have been enjoy the surplus of him. It is in him that I bow down in honour,glory and power. My life came to usefulness from him. I admire how he grant request to stand out and appreciated. What a great God! What such a privilege to know and serve him?What a miracle worker he was?Thank you for your faithfulness to mankind. This was from him as a matter of trust,hope and faith.

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By Ajado Joseph Babatunde(Eminent thinker of our time©Grace of God)

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