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My child,my pride(Dedicated To All Children Across The Globe)

Giving birth to you was easy
Loving you sincerely is a thing to behold
Protecting my child is the best I could do
Caring and protecting you is a duty of no other

My friends appreciate the gift of God as a child to you
The heritage and glory of God
The father,mother of many is feeling loved
Our children blessing us at old age

Expanding and creating solutions to world's challenges
Blessing the day I gave birth to you as a child
Peace and joy I see in my children
Acknowledging the faithfulness of God in our lives and children

Thanks for the reading pleasure!

Note:Forever you are precious to me.I thank you for everything I have been receiving from you. Another article for the children who are everywhere fruitful,saving and blessing. It can only be God on this as usual. Thank you God, thank you God and thank you God.

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By Ajado Joseph Babatunde (Eminent thinker of our time©Grace of God)

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