Pornography is a destroyer to human invention and expansion

I was led by the holy spirit to write on the negative effect of watching porn video. If measures are not taken the world would just be empty without thinking to create change inside of them or better still the change we have always longed to see.

(1)Destroy your good initiatives
Many a times we think of the pleasure in them rather than thinking deep of the negative effect it has on you as a person. It makes you to decrease in person instead of forward looking and exercising control over your lives.

(2)Promoting the devil's expansion: The devil knows you in and out. That's why he is setting various explicit art to entice and makes you fall to the ground completely. You don't need to give him any thought about yourself on the areas of your weaknesses but see the maker as the author and finisher of our faith for a solution.

(3)Makes you vulnerable to enemy attack: You think it was all good but failed to realise the important of the loopholes
you have created for your enemy. Since you are caught as a prey then anything will just be attracting evil to your sides.

(4)Reduce you to nothing: Once the enemy sees you as a weakling, you are in for a serious trouble because it will render you as useless as possible.Infact,you won't even consider what you can offer to the world.

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Note:I just come to say thank you Jesus,for everything you have done for me. In all matter of sincerity, I am thankful for this article because it can only come from you Lord.I love you Lord. Help me to see,feel and write more in Jesus Name. Amen

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By Ajado Joseph Babatunde(Eminent thinker of our time©Grace of God)

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