Pornography is sinful,try this few point and be great.

To be free from evil thought is to acknowledge your God in everything. Let your mind speaks life and goodness. The moment you know why you are here. Everything about you changes for good.The few point generated for you are of great relevance. Key into it and be saved.

(1)Focus on your value:As long as you live, there is no how you won't be distracted. But you can stick to focus on your value without minding what people would say about you. It's within that you can control everything about yourself including the distraction that want to pull you down.

(2)Be motivated:Motivation is an urge ensuring the right thing to do at every point in time. Elsewhere,people might not be motivated but for you. You are seeing the brighter future. If people are motivated they would achieve more and stay relevance.

(3)Create a change:This is the change you have conceived in your mind to start giving a model to follow. Ordinarily,this will make people to wanting to establish the truth across human endeavours.

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Note:To every stage in life,there is a lot of things to appreciate God for. Owing the fact that he has been in existence before the time being. Just as an insight
from God on every aspect of life.I appreciate you God for this blessing to the world.I cannot appreciate you less,Jesus you are so big and mighty.I crave for you more and always.Thank you Lord and always.

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By Ajado Joseph Babatunde(Eminent thinker of our time©Grace of God)

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