Parents Do Not Give Up On Any Child Pray For Them The More Part 1

Parents Do Not Give Up On Any Child Pray For Them The More Part 1

Children are the heritage of God that needs proper care and attention. You didn't select any child. They were sent from God to you to build in the way of God. Most of the time this issues would have been solved if they noticed the power of prayer when they conceived them as a pregnant mothers. You say with authority what you wish your child to become. That state is powerful because another soul is building up in you which you should pray for easy delivery and wellness of the body.

Start putting them in prayer even when they are gradually knowing their right from wrong. The school they will be attending, their friends,business associate,future job,future wives and husband and everything that has to do with their lives. Sometimes they might be stubborn. Your duty is to call them to order and correct them in love. Instead of all those unnecessary talk that will pull them down.

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Note:This can only be God on this as usual. I found favour in his presence. I thank him for all what he has been doing for me and so much more to come. To God be the glory for this.

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By Ajado Joseph Babatunde (Eminent thinker of our time©Grace of God)

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