How To Pass An Examination And The Role Of Each Students In Attempting Every Questions

How To Pass An Examination And The Role Of Each Students In Attempting Every Questions

All over the world people are writing various examination either for promotion or advance in their chosen fields of human endeavour. To familiarize themselves with the newer methodology to learn they never assumed it could be possible. Education is light and needed to grow any economy to an enviable position,if you want to give an insight on how things are done. It's not a mistake if you want to know,understand and learn more. Getting a new course of study is very good to break barriers having achieved some level of success. I will discuss some point that will aid any successful examination.

(1)Know the lecturer in charge of the course or professional examination. His or her expectation in the examination. What to avoid and write well on.

(2)Read past questions to know how question are set and what you might likely meet in the examination.

(3)Be attentive during the course of the lectures.Most of the examination question they will set have been said in the class. Your duty as a student is to work on them the more.

(4)Get used to the best students in the class. Learn from them and how they used to answer question both in the examination/test.

(5)Be involved in any tutorials. It sticks for those who likes sharing ideas on any concept. Their responses, various views to an answers.

(6)Be calm if you have read well. Expect the best to come. There is nothing they will ask you that have not been in your handout, materials.

(7)Watch videos or consult other materials specially to get thorough understanding of the course.

(8)Pray for retentive memory to be able to produce all what you have read.

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Note:Thank you Lord, thank you Lord, thank you Lord and thank you Lord. This is what I will say this day now and forever more.

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By Ajado Joseph Babatunde (Eminent thinker of our time©Grace of God)

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