Husbands Be Very Helpful With Your Pregnant Wife.

Husbands Be Very Helpful With Your Pregnant Wife.

I have been praying to God to show me what to write today. A lot I have been seeing reflecting in my mind. I asked him again. What write up should I write for everybody to learn from. He said, my son write on this. This is what they need to learn from. After marriage the expectancy of children are the fruit of their union. Some can have their first kids immediately after the wedding,some might have even got theirs prior to their wedding day all they needed do is the show of the two couples to the world that they truly have wedded.

Which is evident in their photo album or the display of them on any social media platform. While others could take some years to have a baby. This doesn't translate to your sin, ofcourse sin might be the cause. But God's time is the best. If you notice your wife is pregnant. You need to have study how women behaved when carrying a child or start reading books on women anatomy. It will help men to show love the more in that situation. At the early of stage of pregnancy the sign and symptoms of pregnancy will not be disturbing them. May be just one,two or three months. As they grow with the baby you will start noticing the differences in the woman you fell in love with. They are listed below here.

(1)Her dizziness:Some women might have this high tendency once they conceived. But this doesn't mean that other women will have the same thing. You accept the woman you have chosen to be with.

(2)Fading beauty:You might not expect this to occur. It might be that is how your woman could respond to the pregnancy.

(3)Loss of appetite:Yes they might not eat well while others would eat as much as possible. Accept the woman God has given to you.

(4)Sluggish movement:They don't understand how it is happening to them. You should be there to assist in whatever form.

(5)Tiredness:Tiredness is definitely going to occur. Be alive to whatever things they are doing and come to their aids.

(6)Get irritated:Don't raise your voice on her at that stage. Calm her down and show love to her once more.

(7)Husband show more love: Husband you are concerned the most. Prepared for everything they needed before the pregnancy. Even when they are pregnant. Be prayerful and expect an healthy and wonderful child to come from her through a safe delivery. Let your presence be felt as a good husband in love and kinds. They might be lazy accept them for who they are and appreciate them. It brings a strong connection between the pregnant mother and husband. Show love to her and always be happy for what the Lord has done through her.

Thanks for the reading pleasure!

Note:I am not perfect but enjoys the blessing that comes from him. The holy one I will serve till eternity. Forgive me all of my sin and show me how to be closer to you. I cannot do it alone Thank you God,thank you God and thank you God.

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By Ajado Joseph Babatunde(Eminent thinker of our time©Grace of God)

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