Learn From Your Parent's Mistake And Grow To Be Better.

Learn From Your Parent's Mistake And Grow To Be Better.

Nobody came from heaven.Everyone belongs to one family or the other. There is no one that likes everything about their parents. The bad sides they don't like. The good sides they appreciated.That's why there is no perfection in marriage.

We are all striving to be perfect. The mistakes from them needs to be corrected. I have seen a family that the father beat the wife because she is raining abuses on the husband and the children not showing love to one another as a result of the lack of love from the parents.

Your children don't need to know when issues arises because children pick the negative sides to the good ones thinking they are the best for them. If they are not corrected,they might eventually be using that in their daily conversation with other people.

Training them about the important of a religious life. And that they should trust and hope in God. There should be a time to discuss about the issues in various families either from the father sides or mother sides.

The challenges they need to conquer,the hidden secret about delay in their success and how they need to trust in God to break free from them. They should be taught not to accept defeat if they have never exhausted their capacity. Finally as a parent who gave birth to you emulate the good sides and work more on the bad sides so as to be well with you.

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Note:Thank you God for this write up.I am blessed to associate with you. It's your unseen hands I see in this write up.Thank you God.

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By Ajado Joseph Babatunde(Eminent thinker of our time©Grace of God)

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