Love All,Trust Few And Hate No One

Love All,Trust Few And Hate No One

I have been learning and it keeps moving everyday. It baffles me a lot to see people disclosing everything about them on any social media or to people. They will accept all your conversation and pretend loving it whereas they are planning evil agenda to be executed. It should not caught you unaware. Bibles says the heart of man is wicked and harbour dangerous things. Relate with people on a clear terms even though they like you.

You still need to take precaution. Most of the evil committed by people are from their closer friends. Explain few things to be discussed and gives room for other things to marvel about. Our God is love and the love he gave to us was unconditionally and expect us to do the same to other people.

Love them in every way and pray for them. If you notice anyone who does not appreciate you for any reason. Instead of fighting and avoid that person completely and continue on the path rightly acceptable anywhere. It cost nothing to distance yourself from people who does not wish you well and always pray for your downfalls. It is part of life we all need to be awake and see the reason why we need to very careful about people and rest on the one who has given us the good life we are living.

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Note:It came from him and it will always be from him. The mighty man in battle you are wonderful, glorious and greater. Once again, thank you God.

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By Ajado Joseph Babatunde(Eminent thinker of our time©Grace of God)

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