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Men Do Not Disturb Any Lady If She Is Not Your Type.

This has gradually becoming a culture everywhere you go to.You see a man wooing a lady not because he likes her but because of the special features attracted to him. They don't know that she might have a striking physique perhaps the container is bad. Don't start attracting curses into your lives at the early stage of your life. Running a miles away if she does not fit into your dreams and aspirations. There is youthful exuberance, that stage should be used to discover your dreams and aspiration in life.

When you eventually got married and start seeing challenges of life happening.It could have been how you have lived  your past lives. To the extent that your child and wife will never know what you have done. What you might have been saying is that if God wishes it to stop. It will but never made mentioned of various atrocities committed in the past.

Be convinced about the woman you want get married to. This is true from God. She might not recover well enough from that situation. Don't give her additional challenges. Leave her in that way and let her choose the one she truly deserved. To the ladies don't be committed to a man all because you want his money. But the real sense you don't love him. No smart game the judgement day is coming nearer. Let all men seek the one God has destined for them.

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Note:Thank you God, thank you God and thank you God and thank you God and thank you God and thank you God and thank you God for this article.

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By Ajado Joseph Babatunde (Eminent thinker of our time©Grace of God)

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