Npower Is Not Living Up To Their Responsibility, Nigeria Must definitely Move Forward.

Npower Is Not Living Up To Their Responsibility, Nigeria Must definitely Move Forward.

I want to encourage us as a sovereign country under the authority of the Presidency. In a quest to change for the better and makes youth employable. President Muhammad Buhari came up with an alleviation program to reduce unemployment to a considerable level in conjunction with a couple of others called Npower to ensure all graduate throughout the nation are fully engaged giving others privilege for the non-graduate category to apply. During the process which was marred with network issues because it was not adequately prepared for the task ahead of them. Which they will do subsequently.

Furthermore,very fortunate ones were selected and gave hope to still trust the system for better things to come.A long waiting period saw them gradually losing hope until they finally pay them after proper documentatation at various level. Many have been of the opinion that what could have been the delay for their payment if all workers would have almost gotten them earlier. No fixed deposit, they should let them know the new development in their payment

I am of the opinion that they should fine tuned a system that won't delay paying them for their services render to the nation. They should explain to them before any issues would be considered at all. Again, they should explain in details what is their hope if finally drop them after the expiration of the two years signed agreement or permanency is sure a deal to go by.

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By Ajado Joseph Babatunde(Eminent thinker of our time©Grace of God)

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